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Outfitter / Land Management Program

At Browning Trail Cameras, our goal is simple: to provide users high performance equipment and world class service for a good value.  With that in mind, we have updated our VIP program experience to meet the specific needs of those who need their trail cameras to get their jobs done right.

Introducing the 2024 Outfitter & Land Manager VIP Program that offers discounts on cameras, accessories, and our Strike Force Wireless data plans.  The Browning brand has always meant something to people in the outdoors and because of that we wanted to say “thanks” in a way that was meaningful to those on the front lines of helping people experience the outdoors in a meaningful way.

So, whether it’s to simply keep an eye on things while you are away, to see what kind of game opportunities your customers might have, or to show off your hard work to your clients, we hope that this season you will consider partnering with Browning Trail Cameras.  The Best There Is.

Program Participants

This specific program is designed for active, licensed and certified guides, outfitters, land managers, and realtors who use trail cameras in the field that will inevitably lead to more satisfied customers.  All that we ask that is that you provide us with your credentials, web address, social media accounts, etc., so that we are able to verify your professional status in these fields, and get you up and running as soon as possible.

Program Summary

We have thought about it and done our best to make this as simple as possible for the program participants, because we recognize that your time is important and we wanted it to be quick and easy for you to see what is available to you.

Products: 40% Discount on ALL Regularly Priced Trail Cameras & Accessories.  (Sale Items, Parts, Shipping & Handling, and Applicable Taxes are NOT Included)

Data Plan: Strike Force Wireless Unlimited Data Plan – ALL Cameras $9.99

Program Contact Information

Outfitter & Land Manager VIP Program


Phone: (888) 618-4496 x1