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Defender App

Thank you for purchasing a Browning Defender Trail Camera. The video below will walk you through the functionality of the Defender App.

Before getting started, make sure you have done the following:

  • Make sure you have downloaded and installed the Browning Defender App on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Apple iOS users can download the App from the App Store
  • Android based devices can download the App from Google Play.
  • Make sure your Defender camera is turned ON.

A few tips: To conserve battery power, the Defender camera uses a form of Bluetooth called “Low Energy Bluetooth”, otherwise known as “BLE”. Your Defender camera is periodically listening for a BLE wakeup signal from your smart phone or tablet. Your camera is never emitting a Bluetooth signal, so it can not be “discovered “ in the Bluetooth menu on your phone. The Defender camera is not “paired’ to your phone like a home speaker or the radio in your truck.

The first time you pair a new Defender camera with your smart phone or tablet, you must be within 10 feet of the camera. This prevents someone from walking around on your property trying to access the pictures on your Defender camera.