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Cell Cam Info - Browning Trail Cameras


(Please read below for more details.)

NOTE: This page is designed to help customers learn more about what Browning Trail Cameras has to offer cell camera users.  Whether you are a current customer or a prospective customer, we hope that you will find all you need to make an informed decision.  Thank you for your time and consideration and may you find all you need and more here at Browning Trail Cameras.

Looking for helping setting up your Browning Cellular Trail Cameras? Watch this video and it will walk you from the beginning-to-the-end of the process with notes and images so you can go at your own pace and pause it if necessary.


Strike Force Wireless

App Store (Apple Users) - Link to Strike Force Wireless App
Play Store (Android Users) - Link to Strike Force Wireless App



This plan allows basic camera communications of battery life monitoring and GPS data transmission only. No picture or video uploads are included with this plan. $4.99/mo.

This plan allows 1200 standard images only. First month free. (This allows new users to activate a camera and see how it can best meet their needs before making additional purchases.) $9.99/mo.
Up to 1 camera can share this plan.*

This plan allows 2400 standard images, and 10 HD image downloads per month. $12.99/mo.
Up to 2 cameras can share this plan.*

This plan allows 3000 standard images, and 50 HD downloads. $19.99/mo.
Up to 3 cameras can share this plan.*

This plan allows 6000 standard images, 300 HD image downloads and 100 Video Clip downloads per month. (All users also have the option of turning on the “AI Tagging” feature with this plan.) $29.99/mo. Colorization Beta Testing: Currently this plan allows for 25 Colorization Requests per month at the plan level as a beta test.
Up to 4 cameras can share this plan.*

This plan allows 12000 standard images, 400 HD image downloads, 150 Video Clip downloads, and PSMHD & VPHD users are allowed 20 On Demand Image per month. (All users also have the option of turning on the “AI Tagging” feature with this plan.) $49.99/mo. Colorization Beta Testing: Currently this plan allows for 25 Colorization Requests per month at the plan level as a beta test.
Up to 6 cameras can share this plan.*

This plan allows unlimited standard images, 0 HD image downloads, 12 Video Clip downloads, and PSMHD & VPHD users are allowed 20 On Demand Image per month. $14.99/mo. There is no maximum number of cameras for this plan; however, each camera added to the plan is at a cost of $9.99 per month. (NOTE: BTC-PSMHD, BTC-VPHD, and BTC-PSMXHD users are not impacted by the 0 HD image downloads as they receive unlimited HD image downloads because of our new, innovative technology.)


This option allows the SIM to be turned off completely and not have to pay anything while the camera is not transmitting via the cellular network.
*There is a $5.00/mo fee per each additional camera on each plan up to the maximum number of cameras allowed for the plan. The first camera is included in the plan price.  (NOTE: This is not true for the unlimited plans.  Those are explained above in the appropriate sections.)



1. World Class Customer Service: With cell camera technology changing so quickly, at some point we will all probably need a little help.  So with that in mind, Browning Trail Cameras has invested in a world class customer service department to help us accomplish our goals together.  With a call center staffed with dedicated Browning Trail Camera employees in Birmingham, AL, our goal is to provide customers the best customer service experience in the industry.

We can be contacted at our toll free number 888.618.4496 from 9AM to 5PM Central Time, Monday through Friday, or you can send us an email using the "Submit a Request" link located at the top right corner of the screen or at the bottom of any article within the customer service portal.  

We have also developed a robust Customer Service portal on our website that provides a lot of information for a range of topics including Setting Up My Trail Camera, Software Upgrades, and something that might be helpful to people reviewing this page Cell Camera How To's and Troubleshooting

2. Standard Images: When talking about our cell cameras, we like to point out that we consciously choose to use the word "standard" when talking about the images you receive from your cell cameras.  The reason we do that is because the quality of those images is exceptional and when you look at them you will be able to see a lot more detail than you typically see in the thumbnail images you get with other cameras.  So while downloading the HD version of important images is always an option, you can rest easy knowing that the standard images you get from your Browning Trail Cameras will provide you with the information you need when making your plans before going out into the field.

3. A Variety of Plan Options:We understand that most of us don't have the same needs when it comes to our cell camera strategies. With that in mind we have 7 options available for users that are all listed above. Six of those provide a range of options for receiving images and/or videos, and our Status Plan allows users to stay connected to their camera when there is no need to receive images and/or videos. Review above for a complete listing and more details.

4. A Variety of Camera Options: Currently, we still stock some of our original cell camera models, because of their popularity and performance.  However, technology moves fast and over the last several months we have been able to develop newer models with updated features like our Dual Carrier Technology that allows users to choose AT&T or Verizon as their service provider after the purchase and once they get home to determine what signal works best on their property.  The net result of all of this is that we now have a lot of options to choose from that will allow you to choose what works best for you.  Just remember that anything we currently have available that is part of the Defender Series of Browning Trail Cameras does indeed have cell camera functionality.

5. Performance: If you've been hesitant to step outside of your comfort zone and get into cell cameras, Browning Trail Cameras is that place for you.  Because the high end performance that our cameras deliver at a reasonable price have a long history to stand on.  Ask anybody that owns and uses a Browning Trail Camera and they will tell you that the dependability, the battery life, and the picture and video quality are all worth the investment.  So if you're looking to check all of those boxes and be happy with your purchase, Browning Trail Cameras will deliver the performance you deserve.

6. Cost: Ever since we introduced our first trail cameras, we have been unable to sell the least expensive option in the marketplace.  Why you ask?  Because the components we use to build our cameras are of the highest quality and help deliver the performance you deserve.  On the bright side, our offerings are never the most expensive either.  Our goal is simply to offer products and services at a fair price that people can look back on and feel like it was worth it.

So with that in mind, we have applied the same philosophy to our cell plan offerings.  After negotiating pricing with both AT&T and Verizon, we felt like providing world class customer service from full time team members here in the USA was going to be super important to our customers.  So if you look at our plans and think a less expensive option might be better, please consider looking at it like this: you are simply investing a couple of extra dollars a year to ensure that you have access to the best trail camera customer service department in the industry.

7. We're In This Together: Ultimately, we're in this together.  Not just from a business perspective, but based on the fact that we use Browning Trail Cameras in the field on our personal time too.  So please believe us when we say that we are doing our best to develop and deliver products and services that give you better experiences in the field.  We are on the same team.  So let's continue to work together while sharing the same passions and support each other as we work toward our goals and dreams each and every day.

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