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Timelapse Viewer Plus

Several Browning Trail Cameras feature the ability to take a timelapse video clip of the game on your property. The timelapse function allows you to set up your camera in the field, and program it to take pictures automatically at fixed intervals. This feature is helpful when you set a camera up in a new location such as a large greenfield, where you are not sure where deer are entering the field. The camera will take images of the entire field, so you will end up capturing game at 200 + yards away, where a conventional game camera would not normally trigger a picture. Don’t worry, our Timelapse Plus feature also takes pictures of game via standard infrared detection, day and night so you are guaranteed to not miss a single event.

To play back your timelapse video clips, several Browning Trail Cameras include our industry leading Buck Watch Timelapse Viewer Plus software. The Browning Buck Watch Timelapse Viewer Plus software is an incredible tool for managing the wildlife on your property. The exclusive Timelapse Viewer Plus software package allows you to view a full day of activity in a few minutes. Search , save and share single images or easily export a video clip of that big buck to all of your friends.

The software is also capable of playing back large files of standard still pictures taken by your Browning Trail Camera. Instead of manually clicking through all 1500 pictures on your SD card, simply let the Timelapse Viewer Plus play a slideshow of all of your images.

Timelapse Viewer Plus


If you have lost the original mini CD that came with your Browning Trail Camera that contains the Buck Watch Timelapse viewer software, you can download the latest Buck Watch software and install it on your PC using the link below.
Download Browning Time Lapse Software