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Using Whitetail Knowledge to Scout for Turkeys

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Using Whitetail Knowledge to Scout for Turkeys

By Pro-Staffer Scott Cronin

One of the most overlooked aspects of learning private or public property, in regards to successful Spring turkey hunting, is that many trail camera owners let their cameras collect dust in the Spring when they should be collecting valuable data that can be utilized for Spring turkey hunting for the current year and many years to come.

You can use a lot of your whitetail knowledge to prepare for Spring turkey season. As turkeys begin to become more advanced in the breeding cycle each Spring, trail cameras can help hunters understand transition areas of turkeys, just like with whitetail deer. While strut zones and roost areas are key places for hunters to focus on - like deer - turkeys will be on the move. If hunters will utilize their Browning Trail Cameras this Spring, they can monitor how the breeding cycle is progressing and find out if Winter flocks have made their hunting areas loose or gain turkeys.

While it is traditional to find large Winter flocks together in early Spring, hunters need to remember that the old saying, "Fall rut, Spring strut" is more than just a saying. As hunters utilize trail cameras more for scouting Spring turkeys, they will learn that gobblers will travel a lot and hunters can key in on this to become successful in the field.

As breeding ramps up and dwindles down in the Spring, ritual gobblers will be on the move. So, no matter if you are trying to pin down turkey travel routes or strut zones, let your Browning Trail Cameras collect data for you.