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Simple Grilled Wild Turkey Breast Recipe

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Simple Grilled Wild Turkey Breast Recipe

By Jordan Yira

You've had a successful turkey hunt and it's time to move onto the most rewarding part: preparing and eating the meat! One of the easiest ways to cook wild turkey breast is to simply season it and throw it on the grill. Wild turkey meat has a delicious flavor already, so there's really no need to "doctor it up" too much. Just add a bit of seasonings that complement the flavor of the turkey and cook it however you choose. Follow the steps below for my favorite way to prepare turkey breast, on the grill!

1. Make sure all feathers are off the breast. Season with your favorite seasoning (Mine is Fin and Feather by Traeger)

2. Pre-heat your grill or pellet grill.

3. Throw on grill until breast gets to 170-175 degrees

4. Squeeze a fresh lemon over the breast and enjoy with your favorite sides!