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Browning Trail Cameras Help Customer Harvest Buck of a Lifetime!

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Browning Trail Cameras Help Customer Harvest Buck of a Lifetime!

Browning Trail Cameras customer, Ken Kwasniewski, had been watching a buck for 3 years on his Browning Strike Force trail cameras. Thanks to the intel from his trail cameras, Ken was able to switch stands and harvest this 176 1/8, 18 point buck with his bow on November 3rd, 2020! Ken shares his success story below:


Where are you from?

I live in Elma, NY, a suburb outside of Buffalo by 20 minutes.


How many years have you been watching this buck with your Browning Trail Cameras, and which camera model are you using?

I have been seeing this deer for the past three years.



I use the Browning Strike Force Apex and Pro HD trail cameras. I have used many different cameras prior to Browning with mixed results. I noticed that when I switched about 4 years ago that I got more pics of bucks and the quality was much better. So was the battery life. I live in a very cold weather state and when I put a set of batteries in, I can count on them to last the season! 


Tell us about your hunt.

I wanted to pass along a great success story. I hunt in western NY not known for huge deer but lots of hunters and pressure. I was able to shoot a nice buck on Nov. 3rd which weighed over 250 lbs. probably closer to 300. It green scored 176 1/8 BC with 18 scoreable points (main frame 12 pointer with kickers mostly on the base).

My son had seen him just cruising by his stand about 200 yards from mine and he tried everything to get him to stop and come in without any success. About 3 minutes later he came in downwind of me about 40 yards away and closed the distance to 17 yards without any detection. I was able to heart shot him and he ran only 45 yards before piling up within sight of the stand. I called my son immediately and he came over for the celebration. Not long after I received multiple calls and texts from people saying they saw this buck and everyone had tried to get him.


Do you feel that you would have been able to get that buck without the intel from your Browning Trail Cameras?

There is no question that without the Browning cameras I would not have been able to get this deer. It helped me locate his general location and then it was a matter of switching stands and hunting the area. I have never seen this deer on the hoof prior to this year and I only saw him the day I shot him. My son had the hot stand and I truly wanted him to get the deer. He had seen him multiple times prior the weekend before I killed him. 


What is your favorite feature on your Browning Trail Cameras?

I love that they don't miss deer! The battery life is excellent and the pictures are high quality!