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Browning Defender Wireless Cellular Cam Leads to Successful Hunt for Customer

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Browning Defender Wireless Cellular Cam Leads to Successful Hunt for Customer

After receiving images of a buck from his Browning Defender Wireless cellular camera throughout deer season, Browning Trail Cameras customer John Smith formed a plan and was able to have a successful hunt! Check out these great “before and after” images and read the story about John’s hunt!


-Where are you from?

I am from Brunswick, GA.


-What led you to buy the Defender Wireless camera?

The camera quality, picture quality and the possibility for videos, along with month-to-month cellular plans that I could add additional cameras to!


-Is your Defender Wireless set up in an area that is easily accessible or is it in a more remote location?

The area that I’m currently hunting is fairly easy for me to access and is within 30 to 45 minutes of my home.


-What were you doing the day that you shot your buck? Were you already planning on hunting that day, or did the intel from the cellular camera make you decide to hunt there last minute?

On the morning of this hunt I was just getting off of work. I am a paramedic firefighter and had been watching the images from camera throughout the evening. I had also noticed that the day before there was traffic in that area and that the buck had frequented the location overnight.

We have shift change at 8 AM and there was an event to take place between 8-10 AM that I had to be at. As I was headed to breakfast after the event, I received images from my Defender Wireless showing me that the buck had come in front of the camera around 9:50 AM and fed there for about an hour. As I was eating breakfast, I sent my good friend, a local game warden, the images and he said that the wind was my favor and I should try to slip in, so I left breakfast and took the 45-minute drive to my property.


As I was driving, I was getting notifications of the buck setting off the camera. The last image was taken at 10:50 and I got there at 11:10. I walked almost completely in and did not see him, so I turned around and walked out, as I was still in uniform from being at the fire department. I hung around with family and friends for a few hours of conversation about random odds and ends. I reached back out to the game warden and my little brother, and we all had a good feeling that the buck wasn’t far from that location and that he would be back again before dark, so I made plans to hunt that evening.

I was able to walk into the stand at about 18:15 PM and took the shot at 18:20 PM. It was literally one of the quickest hunts that I have ever been on!



-Do you feel that you would have been able to get that buck without the intel from the Defender Wireless camera?

I credit this hunt to the quality of my Browning Defender Wireless, which is just a first of a few that I plan to own! I have recommended Browning Trail Cameras to many others and have helped them start their relationship with Browning Trail Cameras!


-What is your favorite thing about the Defender Wireless camera?

Browning Trail Cameras and the Defender Wireless are absolutely an ease to operate, along with the Strike Force Wireless App. I look forward to the notifications of my camera going off anytime - day or night - letting me know vital information of how I’m going to hunt the next day!

I reached out to Browning Trail Cameras to show them the pictures of my hunt and the staff that I have interacted with has been absolutely amazing. I probably credit my second purchase to them, as great Customer Service is the forefront of any company. I believe that anyone that uses this product will love it as much as I do. Thank you, Browning Trail Cameras and Defender Wireless, for making my 2020 hunting season one of my most memorable hunts ever!