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Tasty Venison Kabobs

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Tasty Venison Kabobs

These tasty venison kabobs are so simple to make and can be customized to your and your family's  liking! Get creative and use different seasonings, fruits and/or vegetables to come up with a combination you love! Here's the recipe below, from Pro-Staffer Jordan Yira

1. Cube up venison backstraps or tenderloins big enough to put on a kabob stick.* Let them soak in your favorite sauce (Try western dressing and thank me later)

*Tip, Soak wooden kabob sticks in water for about 20 minutes prior to using to keep them from burning on the grill 

2. Add your favorite veggies/fruit to the stick. I like adding Onions, Peppers, Mushrooms, and Pineapple

3. Throw on the grill or pellet grill- Grill to medium rare or your liking!

4. Enjoy and get ready to put more venison in the freezer!