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Behind The Lens

What’s In Your Hunting Pack?

After well over a couple decades’ worth of bowhunting, with most of that time consisting of over 100 stand sits annually, I’ve definitely settled on a list of “must-haves” as well as items that have found their way into and out of my fanny pack. I’ll break down below exactly what I carry with me, and the use for each item. (Click blog title to view complete blog post.) dsc_0015-copy Continue reading

Early Season Bowhunting Tactics

Chasing whitetails across the Midwest in September and October is truly a love of my life these days. Here are three things that have become a part of my routine that’s led to years of punched tags and filled freezers early in the season. (Click blog title to view complete blog post.) good-one Continue reading

Dove Hunting Basics

Dove season is now underway! Whether you have been bird hunting for years or are just getting started, dove hunting is a great way to sharpen your wing shooting skills. Here are a few "Dove Hunting Basics" to keep in mind this dove season from Pro-Staffer Andrea Haas (Click blog title to view complete blog post.) screenshot_2016-09-10-20-13-10-1 Continue reading

DIY Trail Camera Stand

No tree around to hang your Browning Trail Camera? No problem! Pro-Staffer Kinsey Edmunds gives step-by-step instructions on how to make a homemade game camera stand that can be placed anywhere! (Click blog title to view complete blog post.)

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