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Behind The Lens

3 Browning Trail Camera Settings to Use This Deer Season

3 Browning Trail Camera Settings to Use This Deer Season

Being an avid whitetail hunter here in Midwest Wisconsin, Browning Trail Cameras have been crucial in my success. Chasing whitetail patterns and the changes in them some may say is a sickness. With that being said, utilizing your Browning Trail Camera settings is crucial in your success. The 3 settings I use are as follows:

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The First Hunt

You may ask yourself, “When is the right time to take your child hunting?” The answer depends on the individual child. I believe it is important to not push them to go until they have shown the desire. We, as hunters, all want our children to share our love for hunting and the outdoors; however, if you force it on them, you risk driving them farther away. If they do not show as much interest as you would like, then simply give them their space. Always keep the invitation open and never force them to be an unwilling participant. (Click blog title to view complete blog post.) Continue reading